Paintings Inspired by the Colors of
Social Change

Watercolors by Rita Sklar

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Erase Hate
Painting Dimensions 11x15  $600

El Pueblo Unido
Painting Dimensions  15x22  $1200  

Make Facts Great Again

Listen To Your Mom
Painting Dimensions 11x15 $600

Bill of Rights
Painting Dimensions  15x22    $1200

Writers Resist
Painting Dimensions  11x15    $600

Painting Dimensions  15x22    $1200

Painting Dimensions  11x15 $600

The Activist
Painting Dimensions  15x11  $600  

VOTE as if your Life Depended On It
Dimensions 10x12 $240

Reclaim Our Vote

Protect Our Environment
Painting Dimensions  9x12  $240  

Oakland Girl
Painting Dimensions  11x12  $240  

Combat Climate Change
Painting Dimensions 22x15 $1200 

Fish Sanctuary From Plastic
Dimensions 15x21 $1200


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