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Watercolors by Rita Sklar

Parked beside the waterholes in Etosha and other national parks of Namibia, I captured these images of animals and other wildlife;
these watercolors recreate some of that natural beauty.

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Elephant Party
Painting Dimensions   15x22     $1,200

Mother Love - Zebras
Painting Dimensions   15x22     $1,200
Castro Valley Adobe Gallery Award
SF Women Artists Merit Award

Painting Dimensions  15x22     $1200

Painting Dimensions   15x22    $1200

White Pelicans (Walvis Bay)
Painting Dimensions 15x22 $1,200

I visited the Galapagos Islands while visiting Ecuador and Peru and was amazed by the wildlife I saw there.
Each island has its own unique species that have evolved separately through the years.

Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise Hangout
Painting Dimensions   15x22     $1,200

Painting Dimensions   15x22     $1,200

Sea Lions
Painting Dimensions   15x22     $1,200

Here in California there is an ongoing successful program to prevent the California Condor from going extinct.
Back from the edge of extinction, the condor is being reintroduced into the wild.

California Condor
Painting Dimensions   15x22     $1,200

The following painting of The Vanishing African Elephant is a watercolor painted on an actual map of Namibia. It is part of two different series.
It is exhibited as part of my Vanishing Series which focuses attention endangered birds, animals and habitats.
It is also part of my Map Series which integrates maps and watercolors.

Vanishing African Elephant
Awarded 3rd Place Prize
San Leandro Art Festival
Limited Edition Giclee Prints
22 x 15 $450

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Mother Love - Giraffes
Painting Dimensions 30x12
Limited Edition Giclee Prints 32x14 $450
S.F. Women Artists Merit Award


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