Giclee Fine Art Prints
by Rita Sklar

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These nineteen Giclee prints are produced from among my most popular paintings. The Giclee Fine
Art Process utilizes watercolor paperstock and archival ink to reproduce an image that is virtually
identical to the original. Each image is produced after close consultation between the artist and
the printer, and with final approval by the artist before the printing begins. Each Giclee on this
page is part of a limited edition and each is signed and numbered by me. This results in a superior
quality image at a fraction of the cost of the original thus making it more affordable for more people.


Pelicans in Flight

Winged Migration in Black and White

California Migrants

Vanishing Elegant Tern


Race In the Park

Lions' Pool

Three Sisters

The Giclee prints come in three sizes; the dimensions and prices are for unmatted prints
Full-size is 22 x 30 and costs $800
A half-sheet is 15 x 22 and costs $450
Small size (when available) is 8 x 10 and costs $120


Alone in the Crowd

Vanishing Long-billed Curlews

Crowned But Not King


Galapagos Giant Turtle

Wait For Me



Namibian Elephant

Burrowing Owl

Day At the Beach I


Brown Pelican

Life Is An Experiment

The Giclee print of the giraffes is vertical and narrow.
Its dimensions are 32 x 14 and costs $450

Motherlove Giraffes


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The prices posted on this website do not include framing.


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